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Enterprises today are focused on building AI models, but in order to fully democratize AI and make it truly accessible to everyone, businesses need to be equipped to also ‘manage’ AI, not just build it. The AI talent gap is real, and we will help address it by reducing the dependence of expert engineers in managing AI systems.

Predera is a pioneering MLOps company for monitoring and auto-managing artificial intelligence & machine learning apps. We enable an integrated platform for instrumenting and monitoring AI applications to provide intervention alerts, human-in-loop feedback and autonomous workflow management capabilities required to reduce the cost of maintenance of Artificial Intelligence – which today requires teams of data scientists.

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We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

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We have enabled data teams at Healthcare providers, Fintech companies, Retail startups in rolling out AI products as well as optimize backend operations like Marketing and Human Resources.

Strength & Passion

We are passionate group of platform and application engineers with varied backgrounds – AI, Machine Learning, Data & FinTech. We  transformed our experience into strength with our AIQ solution, building deploying and monitoring ML projects at scale.

our team

Founding Team

Vamshi Ambati

Founder and CEO
ex-PayPal, ex-Base,Carnegie Mellon University, PhD,IIIT Hyderabad

Nazeer Shaik

Co-Founder, Head of Engineering
ex-NTT Data, ex-IBM,IIIT Hyderabad

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Our purpose is to deliver excellence in service and execution Our purpose is to deliver excellence in service and Our purpose is to deliver excellence in service.
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