AI in Healthcare Industry

Improve clinical diagnosis and reduce cost of care delivery with Computer Vision and NLP.

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Better Clinical Diagnosis and Cost-effective Care Delivery with the power of Data and AI

Computer vision and AI help to simplify and streamline the clinical diagnosis, delivery, back office management. Using Predera's image recognition, reduce the time and cost for assessing and underwriting claims. Ultimately improving the collaboration between agents and customers for a better customer experience.

use cases
EHR | EMR | Clinical data

Medical Datasets

Our Computational Phenotyping identifies patient from variety of data sources like EHR, clinical data, lab results etc., apply NLP, process medical data using Spark & Apache Nifi and stores in secure File Storage.

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Clinical diagnostics with AI

Predict Patient Clinical Risk

Our algorithm not only provides highly accurate predictive risk scores for various disease conditions but also highlights leading factors for such diagnosis.

We continuously improve our model with different scorings like SAPS II "Simplified Acute Physiology Score" and LACE scoring for readmission rate. Our Human-in-loop ability in ML model takes in physician review towards model improvement.

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Patient Analytics for Outcomes

A study shows that the federal government's readmission penalties on hospitals will reach a new high as Medicare withholds more than half a billion dollars in payments over the next year. We process EHR data locked up in multiple systems to enable easy analysis and reporting.

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core metrics

Operational Efficiency

One of the key indicators of the quality of a hospital's care is how frequently its patients are readmitted within a month after being discharged. The government will penalize more than half of the nation's hospitals - a total of 2,597 - having more patients than expected return within a month for patients with identified common conditions.  Our predictive health engine can help identify patients at risk for these conditions so alerts can be raised for necessary interventions.

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Benefit from an integrated AI-lifecycle platform combining computer vision, NLP and OCR.
Predictive Analytics

Help healthcare providers identify patients who are at risk of developing certain conditions and take preventative measures.

Medical Diagnostics

Medical diagnostics can identify at-risk patients and enable preventative measures, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Task Automation

AI task automation in healthcare improves efficiency, reduces errors, and saves costs by automating routine tasks and allowing providers to focus on complex care.

Drug discovery

Speed up drug development by analyzing large amounts of data to identify potential new drug candidates.

Remote patient monitoring

AI remote patient monitoring enables early detection & personalized care, improving patient outcomes by preventing escalation of health issues.

Medical imaging analysis

Medical image analysis of X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to assist with diagnostics and treatment planning.

The Ultimate Guide to Healthcare AI

Use AI to differentiate your Healthcare strategy and increase profits.

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