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AI in Pharma Industry

Reduce the time and cost for managing claims processing and underwriting with Computer Vision and NLP.

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Reduce the time and cost for managing claims processing and underwriting.

Computer vision and AI help to simplify and streamline the property assessment, risk analysis and post damage assessment process. Using Clarifai’s image recognition, reduce the time and cost for assessing and underwriting claims. Ultimately improving the collaboration between agents and customers for a better customer experience.

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Real World Evidence

Robust Clinical Trial

Our Pharma solution analyzes Real World Evidence (RWE)  repetitively to  find the drug risks.

Real World Data (RWD) source includes wide variety of patient data from Electronic Health Record(EHR), claims, billing and health data collected from IOT and hand held devices.

Improve Trial prospects  be more robust with diverse population and less bias.

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QA in Pharma

Adverse Event Reporting

Individual Case Safety Report (ICSR) Prevent Duplicate Reporting Permit follow-up for additional info Allow Anonymous Report Drug with various trade names across world.

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Benefit from an integrated AI-lifecycle platform combining computer vision, NLP and OCR.
Improved efficiency

AI platform streamlines pharma processes, saves time, reduces errors in drug discovery, clinical trials, compliance.

Enhanced data quality

AI platform extracts info from unstructured data using vision, NLP, OCR, improving quality and analysis.

Better decision-making:

AI platform provides pharma with timely, accurate insights to identify safety risks, predict trends, and optimize supply chain.

Increased innovation

AI platform speeds up drug discovery, enables better patient insights, and accelerates time-to-market for innovative treatments.

Regulatory compliance:

AI platform automates compliance tasks, monitors in real-time, ensures pharma regulatory compliance (e.g., FDA electronic submission), reduces risk.

Cost savings

AI platform cuts pharma costs, streamlines processes, reduces errors, boosts profitability.

The Ultimate Guide to Pharma AI

Use AI to differentiate your retail strategy and increase profits.

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Pharma Industry Insights

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