AI in Retail Industry

AI-powered Retail Solution combining the power of Retail Data, Customer Insights and Business Intelligence curating to customer experience driving shopper to buyers

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Seamless AI Solution For Every Retail Functions

"Transform Retail Data into Business Insights by making the right decisions with data-driven confidence powered by the voice of your customers and machine learning. Accelerate AI adoption with proven algorithms for end-to-end retail solutions ranging from demand forecasting, supply-chain, logistics, store management and delivery service".

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Rapid AI Adoption


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Accelerate Retail Data - AI - ROI
Inventory Management

Visibility into Product Inventory

Convert real-time data from existing inventory management system using AI methodologies like time-series prediction and reinforcement learning predicting user demand, supplier backorders, re-stock trends with human feedback loop for powerful insight uncovering interesting trends and thereby reducing operational cost.

Enhance inventory operations with human checks and balances boosting Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Lifetime Value(CLTV) with Predera’s proven algorithms for warehouse optimization.

Fulfillment Management

Future Proof Supply Chain

Adapt to growing demands and supply variations with Predictive AI lowering inventory and transportation costs by automating data operation from disparate systems scanning for patterns.

Predera’s Retail Solution enhances the supply chain by applying Natural Language Processing(NLP), text analytics, and semantic data mining improving pricing, promotion, and quality of retail service.

Personalized Experience

Visualize Retail Transformation

Personalized customer experience without being intrusive is the future of the retail industry. Create customer journeys individually tailored to customer’s demographics and interests with personalized product recommendations, customer discounts, and offers.

Discover dialogue-oriented retail solutions with Predera’s built-in chatbots and in-store voice assistants.

Delivery Service

Deliver 10X Faster

On-Demand Shipping is no longer a desired feature but rather a must in the current competitive retail trend. Last-mile delivery is expected to skyrocket $55.2 Billion by 2025.

Deliver 10X faster with Predera’s Retail Solution by predicting the optimal routes with computer vision and machine learning optimizing routing and delivery.

The Ultimate Guide to Retail AI

Use AI to differentiate your retail strategy and increase profits.

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Retail Industry Insights


AI Solution for every step of your Retail Journey

Embrace AI-powered Predera Retail Suite to enhance Customer Lifetime Value expanding loyalty-based customer service at every step of customer journey.

Proven Algorithm

Plug your data experiment with our already proven algorithms.

  • Dynamic pricing
  • Demand forecasting
  • Behavirol analytics
  • recommendation system

Pilot to Production

From POC to production ready ml models in weeks.

  • single click deployment
  • multi-cloud & on-prem support
  • automated a/b testing
  • automatic scaling

End-to-End Solution

End-to-End retail suite for retailers of any size.

  • plan & buy
  • manage inventory
  • smart logistics
  • in-store & online sales

Partner with Retailers

Benefit from our partnership with pre-trained models.

  • diverse training dataset
  • baseline marketing effort
  • improve return on investment
  • reduce bias