Accelerate LLM Deployment and Finetuning

Simplify the inference, tuning, and deployment of foundation models with our LLMOps engine, a fully managed platform offering an intuitive user interface, flexible tuning workflows, and end-to-end tools for developing, and deploying applications powered by large language models (LLMs).

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llmops predera framework platform

Generative AI / LLM Operations Platform for enterprise

All the tools you need to build and implement LLMs

LLM Catalog

The LLM Catalog is an AIQ feature designed to serve as a gateway to some of the most powerful and advanced open source LLMs in the market. With models like Llama2, Code Llama, Falcon, and GPT 3.5, our catalog is not just a repository but a treasure trove of opportunities.

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Prompt Engineering

An intuitive interface to simplify prompt design, tuning and deployment. Test and compare prompts across multiple LLMs and set up evaluations to ensure the prompts work as designed when the LLMs change.

LLM Deployment

Design, develop, and deploy applications powered by state-of-the-art language models (LLMs) from leading providers such as OpenAI and Anthropic, or use open-source models like LLaMA 2, CodeLlama, Mistral, etc. The LLMOps offering provides the necessary tools and support to bring your AI application ideas to life.

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Fine-tune models and leverage your own data to enhance LLM performance. Streamlined fine-tuning workflows offer flexible options to refine your models and achieve superior results for your specific use case.

How it works ?


Connect your Data Sources

Connect to your Business Data, Warehouses, Data Lakes and ERP systems to create models for your business use case.

Fine-tune commercial or open-source models

Use pre-trained commercial models from OpenAI, Cohere or open source models such as BLOOM, LLaMA, Falcon, and Dolly to customize and train your own Generative AI models.

Deploy large language models

Single Click Deployment with centralized configuration, easy integration and flexible workflows for any Cloud/Hybrid/On-Prem.

Design and Test Prompts

Design, track, test and compare prompts across multiple LLMs and setup evaluations to ensure the prompts work as designed with the LLMs change.

Intuitive Low-Code Platform

Our user-friendly, low-code platform simplifies prompt engineering for AI professionals and beginners, enabling easy design, tuning, and deployment of language models.

Comprehensive ML Tools

Gain access to end-to-end ML tools that empower you to scale, manage, monitor, and govern your language models in production.

Flexible Fine-Tuning

Effortlessly fine-tune language models using personal data and our streamlined workflows to achieve optimal results for your specific use case.

Advanced Language Models

Leverage stage-of-the-art language models (LLMs) from leading providers such as OpenAI and Cohere, or utilize open source models like LLaMA or Dolly.

Seamless integration of Foundation Models

A fully managed comprehensive platform to integrate and harness the potential of language models for AI-driven solutions.
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LLM Use Cases: Empowering Your Business with Chatbot, Support, Search and Recommendation

Experience the Future of Generative AI Applications

Unlock the power of advanced language models. Revolutionize your AI solutions, accelerate development, and stay at the forefront of language model innovation. Get started today and transform the way you build language applications.