Accelerate Model Deployment & Management

Manage Machine Learning Projects with Confidence with automated MLOps solution auto-scaling to machine learning needs on any cloud platform starting from experimentation, single-click deployment to visualizing business insights by continuously monitoring model performance and resource consumption.

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Connect your Data Sources

Connect to your Business Data, Warehouses, Data Lakes and ERP systems to create models for all your business use cases.

Train using Auto- or Advanced-ML

Use pre-trained AI models, simple interfaces to open source AutoML libraries or customize and train your own AI/ML model.

Deploy Models in any Cloud

Single Click Deployment with centralized configuration, easy collaboration,
flexible workflows for any Cloud/Hybrid/ On-Prem.

Model Support & Explainability

Monitor for privacy related data leaks, alert on PHI/PII information in your data. Pre-built explainability and track for bias creep in your models and scores.

Multi-Cloud Support

Build and Deploy Machine Learning pipelines either on cloud, hybrid or on-premise.

ML Workflows

End to End MLOps with reusable deployment, monitoring templates and automatic scheduling.

Model Management

Model Registry & Version Control Machine Learning models with automatic logging.

Business ROI

Empower business by faster onboarding of Data Science projects with unified dashboard for building, deploying and monitoring.

Bring Predictability to your AI Projects

Cost-effective Machine Learning Solution for business growth and minimal maintenance and support.
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Go beyond MLOps

Software Integrations

Bring your Data from wherever it exists in your Organization, and push your intelligence to wherever the decision making happens.

Rule Engine & Model Insights

Customize predictions to your Business Needs setup stakeholder specific alerts.

Integrate with your Business

Over 50+ integrations to enable stakeholders to deeply integrate AI/ML models and predictions in context of their decision making workflows.
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