Simplified AutoML Interface for all your ML engines

Automatically design, train, tune and build machine learning models for all Enterprise use cases, leveraging industry leading automl engines and our proprietary algorithms.



One-click deployment to any cloud platform


Improve ROI aligning with customer growth

Reduce Cost

Reduce cost with our automatic machine learning


Get to market faster than ever before
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Build using modeling frameworks you already love

Through our AutoML engine, you can access open source machine learning models like XGBoost, PyTorch, H2O, Sagemaker, Keras,  Scikit-Learn and bring your own AutoML frameworks.

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Our Partners for AutoML Service
Reduce cost by 40%

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Easily deploy machine learning models build using any ML platform in a cost effective and scalable way on any cloud or on-premise. Train and Build machine learning models at scale using hardware accelerators on any cloud or on-premise. Fast and Safe rollout of changes to production. Shortest path to gain ROI by automating ML & CI/CD Pipelines

Support all cloud platforms

Automate ML & CI/CD pipelines

Shortest path to Improve ROI

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