New Partnership Announcement - Predera Joins Intel AI Builders Program
Marketing Team
August 29, 2021

Welcome Intel !

We are excited to announce our partnership with Intel combining the power of a seamless Machine Learning (ML) Operations Platform with the most transformative innovations in Artificial Intelligence infrastructure, hardware, and computing. By combining the power of Intel's innovations in Machine Learning, Predera and Intel will create value for both its customers and accelerate the adoption of  AI and ML across the industry.

The Intel AI Builders Program was launched to help partners implementing artificial intelligence (AI) with the resources and support needed to accelerate the adoption of their Intel-based AI platform. This included access to Intel's AI Academy, an exclusive Intel AI DevCloud for Builders, and technical support. It also markets member's solutions via Intel channels and matches select members with Intel's enterprise customers.

Predera democratizes AI helping businesses not only adopt AI but to manage it in confidence. The seamless Machine Learning platform from Predera enable businesses to onboard ML projects faster with autonomous deployment and monitoring solution.  

Our partnership will deliver immediate benefits for both Machine Learning and the AI community, delivering rapid and robust intelligent stations to industries such as Healthcare, FinTech, Retail among others.

Check out the press release for more information on our partnership!!!

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