Empower a Data-Driven Culture with EasyBI for your Embedded Analytics

Empower Business to make right decisions in a timely manner without the need to switch between product and insights improving productivity and customer retention.

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Install Easy-BI

Wrap powerful BI tools with  easy to use embedded analytics.

Access Control

Govern Reports with proper authorization at report and field level from EasyBI.

Create New Report

Create Reports in your BI tools like PowerBI, Tableau.

Share Reports

Share insights across different silos with proper authorization via EasyBI.

Share Analytics in 4 Simple Steps

Analytics Report Governance and Sharing made Easy
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Stay Competitive & Increase ROI

Embedded Analytics with Single sign-on support and Data Governance all in one place Increase your data potential and transform data into a product by honoring data governance and security of reports sharing sensitive data across different silos Govern Data Authority using controls within embedded application with precise monitoring over user access across roles and groups.

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Single Sign-on support using OAuth or SAML including Okta integration

Access Control

Access control to external and internal users with logging and monitoring


Transform data into a trustworthy asset with in-built governance


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Stay Competitive & Increase ROI

Accelerate productivity with Embed BI in minutes

Increase speed and agility with plug and play analytics bringing powerful BI tools closer to your application. Add immediate value to your products by accessing data when it is needed with no-code embed analytics.

Embrace Data-driven culture with proper security

Adopt data as a strategic asset in decision making to better serve your customer needs Increase regulatory compliance while sharing reports among different silos  with seamless SSO integration.

Eliminate  cost and time to train traditional BI tools

Traditional BI Tools are often complex and involve steep learning curve increasing the operational cost. Democratize Analytics by removing the need to learn traditional BI tools with access controlled embed analytics.

Generate new revenue opportunities

Discover new opportunities by increasing the visibility into business insights with larger audience. Turn your data into new revenue opportunities with competitive advantage.