A Trusted LLM Cloud and Model Gateway for
Building Generative AI Apps

 Increase the reliability and performance of your AI apps, while reducing the cost of usage.
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One API for Open LLMs and Commercial LLMs

Toolchain to help you select from the available Open Source LLMs and Compare them with Commercial ones.

Manage prompts, engines, parameters, and versions and Switch, test, and upgrade models with confidence!

LLM Switching Made Easy

With so many open LLMs available, as an AI Application developer, the challenging question is - "How does one select the most suitable LLM for a specific task without getting locked-in to one model/provider?"

Integrate with "LLMOpt", our smart switch that simplifies model selection and model switching, to increase reliability and reduce cost.

Cost Tracking & Log Analytics

Capture your AI costs and analyze them at a user, per query, org level to optimize usage and API costs

Don't let AI engineers fly blind and burn a hole in your budgets. View your app performance & user level aggregate metrics to optimize usage and API costs.

Finetuning is A Single API

Leverage pre-trained foundation models, deploy them to your private infrastructure, tune to your own data, and scale them as APIs

Private LLM Inference and Fine-tuning platform to help you create those magical Generative AI applications in a few clicks

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Taking LLM apps to production is hard.

We're building LLMCloud to help you succeed in deploying large language models APIs in your applications.

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