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Your Data Needs A Fully Secure Private LLM Offering

Empower your business with the revolutionary Large Language Model (LLM) technology, curated and managed by Predera, to explore new horizons in Generative AI. Dive deep into unparalleled insights and revenue-generating opportunities by becoming a practitioner of this groundbreaking technology.

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Why Predera's Private LLM?

Zero-Touch, Fully Managed Environment

Enjoy hassle-free installation, configuration, and upgrade management, saving your time and resource

Uncompromised Security

A private environment ensuring zero data leakage and secure access to sensitive data

Complete Control and Customization

Fine-tune your model with corporate data to cater it to your specific needs

Cost-Efficient Solution

Save significantly compared to other commercially managed services

Technical Specifications

Leverage Premier Computing Resources

Utilize high-end hardware infrastructure for smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Comprehensive Large Language Model Management

Benefit from fully automated orchestration processes, giving you ease of use with well-established large language models.

Professional Assistance

Gain access to expert support services, including assistance with data labeling, model optimization, and ethical consultation, to name a few.

Your Journey with Predera

Day 1

Kickstart your journey with a 90-minute kickoff call.

Week 1

Onboarding with package ramp and training

Week 2

Dive into model testing and fine tuning.

Weeks 2+ (6-12 months)

User-driven GenAI Innovation with support from Predera, offering up to 100 hours of assistance

Why This Approach?

Deploying a GenAI foundational model is known to be time-consuming and requires specialized AI talent. Predera simplifies this process, providing you with a ready-to-use, secure, and private LLM. Say goodbye to the risks associated with public LLMs and embrace a solution that is easy to install and manage at a fraction of the usual cost.

Expected Results

Become a GenAI practitioner with Predera and go beyond prompt engineering. Transform your business by fine-tuning LLMs with your corporate data to:

Discover new insights

Create new revenue streams insights

Customize models to your KPIs and metrics.

Ready to get started?

Get started on your journey with Generative AI today by contacting us to review the pricing models and services agreement.

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