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Model Gateway + LLMOps + MLOps = A Full-Stack AI Platform

Modern Predictive + Generative AI/ML stacks are increasingly complicated. We simplified it by supporting LLM + ML models in a single platform to help you build truly transformative Enterprise solutions

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Commercial or Open LLMs? Try Both in our LLM Cloud

With easy access to popular open LLMs (such as Mistral, Llama) and tools to compare with commercial LLMs (such as OpenAI, Anthropic, Google); App Engineers can now develop AI apps with confidence, and not get locked into any model or provider.

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Finetune LLMs for Enterprise with our LLMOps

Leverage pre-trained foundation models, deploy them to your private infrastructure, tune to your own data and scale them as APIs

Private LLM Inference and Fine-tuning platform to help you create those magical Generative AI applications in a few clicks

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Train, Deploy and Monitor Predictive AI with our MLOps

Predera's MLOps Engine is a Kubernetes-powered,  model lifecycle management platform to seamlessly build AI/Deep Learning models, log experiments, version artifacts, run workflows, push single-click deployments, and monitor continuously - on-premise or in the cloud

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The Only Full-Stack AI Platform for AI/ML/LLM Workloads  

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We are a leading SaaS provider specializing in AI/ML/LLM solutions and data engineering platforms for the retail, healthcare, pharma, and banking industries.

Together with our pre-built AI solutions, our pioneering LLMOps + MLOps engines, and our expert AI Success team, we ensure that your AI and ML solutions are built, deployed, monitored, and supported for better business outcomes.

Predera's flagship platform for LLMOps+MLOps is a Kubernetes-powered workbench, deployment, and automation engine for AI/ML and LLM workloads to expedite your Enterprise AI journey.

  • Faster Time to Market
  • Unified Enterprise AI
  • Data Science Expertise
  • Managed MLOps
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Build Enterprise AI Solutions that Just Work

Starter Models

Select from among a proven list of pre-trained models and solutions to kick start your AI journey.

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AI Platform

Scalable ML platform to run your AI/ML and LLM workloads in any Cloud, SaaS, Managed or in your own infrastructure

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AI Success

A team of experts to enable a successful journey  from Data Strategy, Data Engineering to ML.

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Production Support

Don't let AI be restricted to Notebooks, realize revenue from smart and scalable applications.

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Proven AI engines and business Solutions

Turn-key Solutions for Enterprises

Sales Intelligence

Are you tired of the high cost and complexity of Salesforce Einstein's machine learning algorithm?

Demand Forecasting

As a small or medium business, it can be challenging to accurately forecast demand and optimize inventory.

Recommender Engines

Suggest your product offerings to the right audience at the right time, to significantly increase conversions.

Customer Churn

Don't lose your customers to inactivity; identify the customers at risk of flight and address churn head on.

Resume Relevance

Simplify identifying right person on the right time with automated way of “Resume Classification and Matching”.

Clinical Diagnosis

Our algorithm provides highly accurate predictive risk scores for patients and also highlights leading factors for diagnosis.

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