AI in Finance Industry

Reduce the time and cost for managing claims processing and underwriting with Computer Vision and NLP.

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Reduce the time and cost by automating manual work using AI

With changing landscape of finance and the need for averting yet another unforeseen collapse of markets, bankers and financial actors have resorted to Big Data for a comprehensive picture of the Customer. This involves collecting real-time streams of data from various sources and stitching it together to build models of 'risk' that address the objectives of marketplaces or banks.

use cases

Credit Decisioning

Our Credit decisioning algorithm is built on top of our Predera Platform ingesting data from social media, demographics, census, transactional data from marketplaces. We have leveraged state-of-art deep learning algorithms to improve decisioning and yet explain the decisions with simpler ensemble models.

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Secure Access with Protection

Big Data in FinTech

Our data engineering involves mining data from mainframe in case of financial services operating on legacy systems along with line items from purchases, invoices, complaints, etc.

We enforce strict privacy and regulatory guidelines with trust and safety as our core principle in mining financial data.

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Trends & Analytics

Our unified dashboard offers real-time insights along with any risk and fraud mitigation found in loan underwriting or credit card processing. We support user friendly visualization tools with customizable option.

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Fraud Detection

Over the course of time, fraudulent activities have gotten smarter to overcome the archaic obstacles and have also resulted occasionally in huge losses to companies in terms of monetary worth, brand value and user experience.

Our Fraud Detection Model identifies the users who tend to commit fraud while staying in the threshold limits of these rules and do not get detected otherwise.


Loan Underwriting

Merchant Health is continuously analyzed for any irregular signals by ingesting financial data and credit bureau data and applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify the cash flow pattern.

Our Fintech solution aims at Increasing customer lifetime value by underwriting more applicants while reducing frauds and complying with regulations and audits.

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Benefits of AI in the finance industry:
Fraud detection

It prevents fraud and reduce financial losses.

Risk assessment

Analyzes large amounts of data to provide accurate risk assessments.

Customer service

AI-powered chatbots provide 24/7 customer service and real-time issue resolution.

Investment management:

AI assists investment professionals in analyzing financial data and optimizing portfolios.

Personalized financial advice

Analyzes individual financial data to provide personalized recommendations.

Process automation

Automates repetitive tasks such as data entry, freeing up employees' time for higher-value activities.

The Ultimate Guide to Finance AI

Use AI to differentiate your retail strategy and increase profits.

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