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BigCommerce Merchants can Supercharge Their Business with Predera's Forecasting solutions
Marketing Team
February 3, 2023

Today we announce the release of our AI/ML based forecasting solution for Big Commerce merchants, called SalesEasy. With SalesEasy, BigCommerce merchants can supercharge their business  and accurately forecast customer demand, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and save time, resources and money. SalesEasy is powered by our proprietary AIQ MLOps engine, and scales our forecasting solution to all inventory sizes. Small and large enterprises alike can benefit from the increased efficiency of supply chain optimization that comes with leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology. This ensures that merchants have the ability to stay ahead of current trends in order to maximize profits.

Predera's SalesEasy, an AI/ML-based Forecasting Solution:

Our AI/ML-based forecasting solution can help businesses optimize their supply chains for maximum efficiency. Our AIQ machine learning engine accurately forecasts customer demand and identifies potential problems in advance, allowing corrective measures to be taken quickly. The solution also enables companies to anticipate seasonal fluctuations and plan inventory requirements accordingly. Comprehensive reporting tools allow merchants to track performance and monitor predictions against actual sales results, accessible through an easy-to-use interface. The solution's advanced capabilities, scalability, and accurate data insights can significantly increase profitability for Big Commerce merchants.

SalesEasy is designed to be both easy to use and highly effective. The solution collects data from various sources and analyzes it with AIQ machine learning engine to generate a detailed forecast of future consumer demand. The forecast is presented in an intuitive dashboard that allows merchants to review and adjust predictions as needed. The system also provides alerts for changes so businesses can respond quickly. Reporting tools enable merchants to track performance and monitor how predictions compare to actual sales results. Once forecasts are finalized, merchants can optimize supply chain operations, including inventory levels and purchase decisions. By using this solution, Big Commerce merchants can save time, resources, and money while maximizing profits by staying ahead of current trends through predictive analytics.

Build for All BigCommerce Merchants:

For  BigCommerce merchants, transitioning to an AI/ML-based forecasting solution can bring a number of advantages. By using Predera's advanced artificial intelligence technology, merchants can make smarter supply chain decisions based on accurate predictions about future customer demand, anticipate seasonal fluctuations in consumer needs, and maximize profits. The intuitive dashboard and built-in alerts of the platform make it easy to use and highly effective. Merchants can adjust their forecasts according to their needs and monitor performance over time with the comprehensive reporting tools. By utilizing this solution, merchants can save time, resources, and money while staying ahead of the competition. With Predera's solutions, small business owners can focus on growing their brand without worrying about managing complex systems or dealing with costly mistakes due to inaccurate forecasting models.

To get started with the solution, businesses need to provide access to their existing data sources, after which our team will run an initial assessment on the data to configure the system according to the business's individual needs. The system generates predictions based on past performance, and merchants can use the comprehensive reporting tools to track performance over time and monitor how their predictions have been performing against actual sales results.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence technology such as ours small business owners can supercharge their operations quickly and easily while staying one step ahead of current trends in order maximize profits! So why wait? Try Predera's AI/ML-based forecasting solution today and see just how much it can do for your business!

Get started today and supercharge your business quickly and easily by leveraging cutting edge artificial intelligence technology!

We hope you found our blog post informative. If you have any project inquiries or would like to discuss your data and analytics needs, please don't hesitate to contact us at We're here to help! Thank you for reading.
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